CEREC is an innovative technology that uses a CAD-CAM system to mill your all porcelain crown while you wait.  After the milling procedure, Dr. Hill or the staff will polish, stain and glaze the crown to match the aesthetics of your other teeth.  Once finished, it is cemented permanently that same day. This procedure is dead on accurate and eliminates the need to wear a "temporary" crown for two weeks before returning for the permanent crown.

CEREC testimonials

"I was very impressed with the procedure used to replace an ill-fitting crown (a crown received from another dentist).  I asked Dr. Jared Hill to repair a crown that was allowing food particles to accumulate.  I was having to floss after each time I ate because of the discomfort.  After an examination, Dr. Hill decided to replace the crown.  I assumed this would take several appointments, but with the CEREC technology, the old crown was removed, a new crown was prepared – right in the office – and then properly fitted and replaced – all in one sitting!  No second appointment was needed.  I’m always impressed with Dr. Hill’s expertise, his quiet confidence and the efficiency of his office."

- Carolyn Parduhn

"I recently went to Wood River Dental for a check-up and learned that I needed a crown on one of my back teeth.  I was amazed to learn that in one future appointment I could have the prep work done, the measurements for the crown taken, the crown crafted in-office and the crown placed on the tooth.  Astonishing!  Based on past experience, getting a crown is a lengthy process with at least a two week wait between the initial visit and the final visit when the crown is applied.  

Dr. Jared Hill was true to his word.  The entire process from start to finish was completed in one appointment and I went home with a new crown which fit perfectly and looked beautiful.  I will never go back to the old and lengthy process again.  

In addition, Dr. Hill was very personable and professional.  It is clear he has invested himself in mastering the most up-to-date technologies and procedures for the benefit and convenience of his patients.  He is engaged and caring and his staff is fabulous.

Huge thanks to Dr. Hill and his staff at Wood River Dental for the most pleasant and convenient dental experience I’ve ever had.  I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else."

- Lauralee Burton