"Finding Wood River Dental Care (about four years ago, maybe?) changed our ideas about what going to the dentist could be like.  We found ourselves getting compassionate and cheerful dental attention that seems very technically accomplished and very efficient.  The preventative side of things --checkups and cleanings -- seem to be a high priority there.  Overall, there's a palpable vibe of terrific teamwork.  The people there seem to respect each other, and respect the patients too.  Great place for skull repairs! We all used to be (ahem) afraid of dental encounters, but no more.  Thanks WRDC! 

-Barbara Millsap, Jeff Ralph, and Marshall Ralph

"As a lifetime coward, capable of fainting at the sight of a needle, I can honestly say that dental visits hold no fear for me anymore; not since I became a patient of dear, kind, skillful, and altogether wonderful Dr. Hill! In fact, it is a pleasure to be greeted by those smiling faces in reception, and get to know his delightful group of assistants who, I might add, are all so pretty and charming that even my husband has become less reluctant to have his teeth cleaned occasionally!  We are so lucky to have such excellent high-quality dental care here in Hailey Idaho.  Just one more blessing to add to the long list of reasons why we love living in this glorious valley.  Thank you, Dr. Hill.  Thank you, dear girls."

-Diana Fassino 

"Going to the dentist has historically been an intimidating experience for my (adult) son. He came home after his first visit for a cleaning at Wood River Dental and said it was the most relaxed he had ever been at a dentist’s office, and the cleaning done by Christy was thorough and gentle.  After going back for work that needed to be done on his teeth, he commented again that it wasn’t the anxiety filled experience he has had in the past. 

- Candice 

I started with Wood River Dental five years ago when I broke a tooth and my current dentist couldn’t fit me in for a week. When I called Wood River Dental, the dentist agreed to come in early the next day so I wouldn’t have to wait.  This was incredibly impressive, considering they had never even seen me before!  Needless to say, I’ve become a loyal patient.  I am totally pleased with the friendly professionalism of everyone I’ve come into contact with, and the excellent work they do.  Just began my Invisalign journey today, and am excited to see the results." 

- C.F.

I had heard through many friends that Wood River Dental Care was the best when it came to treating children, and they were right!  I remember being fearful of the dentist as a child and that then carried on into adulthood.  That is not the same experience my twins have had!  From their first visit at age 3 to today 3 years later, they love to go to the dentist.  It is a fun and exciting experience for them to get to visit Dr. Hill, get their teeth cleaned, pick out a movie, visit the treasure box, and hear what a good job they are doing keeping their teeth healthy.  

- K.W.

I would like to thank Dr. Hill and his wonderful staff for all they have done for me.  I have had lifelong dental problems and get severe anxiety just at the thought of going to the dentist.  Dr. Hill and his staff go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and pain free at all times. He guarantees his work and has proven that to me.  His staff literally holds my hand during shots.  His staff is highly trained and have successfully got me through many temporary crowns...NONE of which have fallen off.  Thank you for making going to the dentist much nicer!

-Jodi P. - Bellevue ID

I have had several appointments with Dr. Hill and his staff recently. I have never had to wait more than 2 or 3 minutes past my scheduled time. The two ladies at the front desk are efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly. The general ambience of the entire office is calm, clean, and comfortable. I have been very satisfied with the level of care I have received and would recommend Dr. Hill and his staff to anyone seeking dental care in the Wood River Valley.

-Leslie A. - Hailey ID

I have been going to Wood River Dental Care for over 10 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else! Dr. Hill and staff have been so professional and kind with the kids. My daughter said yesterday when we left that she likes going to the dentist! I have had the same dental hygienist, Donnale, for the last 14 years and she makes my visit so pleasant! When I have needed Dr. Hill in the past on a moments notice, they worked me in.  I really appreciate having a dentist that I can count on. Thanks to all of you. I so appreciate you.

Sandy S. - Hailey ID

I always have a good experience at Wood River Dental Care! The girls up front are so friendly, assistants and hygienists are caring and really know their stuff, and the Doctors are the best I have ever had. Highly recommended! 

-J.M. - Ketchum, ID

Beautiful and classy, super comfortable office. Professional and great staff. Dr. Nelson is very bright (in every sense of the word). He took all the time needed and more to focus on my questions and concerns, financial and healthwise. The exam was high tech and very thorough. Impressive.