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Employee Benefit Program

Is it right for you & your business?

  • Are you a small business owner?

  • Are you looking for ways to attract and retain employees?

  • Are you looking for quality dental care for your business?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Employee Dental Benefit Program may be right for you!

What's included in the program?

  • 2 annual exams 

  • 1 emergency exam

  • 2 routine cleanings (not including Periodontal treatment)

  • 2 fluoride treatments

  • 2 oral cancer screenings 

  • 2 Periodontal screenings

  • All x-rays as needed (excluding CBCT)

  • 50% off CBCT scan

  • 20% off additional treatments 

  • 50% night-guards 

  • $1000 off Invisalign

  • $250 off Zoom Whitening 

What does pricing look like?

  • Yearly Pricing

    • First member : $418

    • Second member: $396

    • Third member: $374

    • Additional members: $352

  • Monthly Pricing

    • First member: $38

    • Second member: $36

    • Third member: $34

    • Additional members: $32

  • Sign up 5 and get the 6th member free!

How it works

It's easy.


You can now offer our in-house Patient Benefit Plan as part of your small business employee benefit package. This benefit is available to you, your employees, and their dependents.


The subscription cost for our plan is simple and affordable. Once you sign up, you and your employees will receive your benefits immediately. As the employer you can cover the cost of the membership or you can offer the benefit program as a group discount plan that your employees can pay for.


Sign up is easy! You can sign up in minutes by contacting our front office.


Start saving today by joining our dental membership program.

Sign up 5 members and get the 6th membership for free!

Employee Benefit Program
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Interested? Call our office today to get started!

(208) 788-4900

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